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Italy Phase 2:5-8 Sept 2018 Course Fee: $1,100.00
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This course is being organised in Bergamo Italy, for Italian osteopaths, by Milena Varisco.

Presented in English with Italian translation.

Priority to the osteopaths who attended Phase 1 in Treviglio in September 2017

Fee: AU$1,100 (approximatively €750 due to variable currency exchange) 
including course fee (€650), translation and venue fee (€100)

as designed by James S. Jealous D.O.

Presented by:
Robyn Seamer D.O., M.Sc.(Ost.)
Manuela Da Rin D.O., M.Sc.(Ost.)

Phase 2
The Fluid Body

Treviglio, Italy

Bergamo, Italy

Treviglio, Italy

 5-8 Sept 2018
 Wednesday 1pm-Saturday 1pm

Course overview:

This course explores the work of Dr Sutherland in the later years of his life, when rather than only using a mechanical approach, he realised the therapeutic power and clinical benefit of fluid dynamics.

These fluid embryological forces are recognised in this Biodynamic curriculum as the fluid forces that created the embryo. These become the forces of growth and development and the sustaining restorative forces throughout life.

The start point in Biodynamics treatment is a state of neutral. This neutral is often seen as the end point in a mechanical approach. Compensatory effects are removed in neutral thus allowing a clearer diagnosis. 

The perceptual journey continues, moving from tissue motion present to fluid dynamics, following direction of ease, the thread to the Health

The Fluid Body is a name for the Wholeness of the fluid function. 
It expresses growth, development, regeneration and healing from the Potency, or Power of the Tide and is present throughout Life.
When the fluid body 'locks up', it feels like tissue or bone.
There is a Wisdom guiding the fluid body and subsequently the tissue, creating the capacity for Neutral and self-correction. 

Phase 2 will cover: 

  • The concept of the ‘Fluid Body' and its clinical significance;
  • Balanced Fluid Tension (BFT) methodology and therapeutic relevance;
  • Observation of the Longitudinal Fluctuation, as a diagnostic tool;
  • CV4-EV4 fluid dynamic treatment and its clinical outcome.
  • At the end of the course, the osteopath will acquire a methodology to develop a sensory experience of the spontaneous therapeutic process of Automatic Shifting, occurring after the neutral


Fee: AU$1,100 (approximatively €750) 
including course fee (€650), translation and venue fee €100)

Venue: San Martino Treviglio
Viale Cesare Battisti 3, 24047 Treviglio - Bergamo 
Phone: +39 (0)3631849877

For further details on eligibility, please contact Milena Varisco
Milena Varisco studiovarisco@gmail.com 


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