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Italy Child 1 cont: 28 June-1 July 2018 Course Fee: $1,000.00
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Eligibility: This course presented in Pomaia, Italy is organised by Unity Osteopathy Pediatrics Onlus, 
for the Pediatric Study Group of Pisa and Florence, who attended the course in June 2017. 
The course is part of a Pediatric Study's project of Unityop Onlus.
For this reason it is necessary to contact the Onlus before subscribing to have your request evaluated. 

Fee: AU$1,000  (approximatively €650 due to variable currency exchange) 

Presented in English with Italian translation

as designed by James S. Jealous D.O.

Presented by:
Robyn Seamer D.O., M.Sc.(Ost.)
Manuela Da Rin D.O., M.Sc.(Ost.)
Biodynamics Faculty

Phase 1continued

Pisa, Italy

                           Pisa, Italy, ©Photo: Corbis                                                                                    

Date: 28 June -1 July 2018

Thursday 1pm-Sunday 1pm


Course overview:

This curriculum is a continuation of Treatment of Children Phase 1, learning how to communicate with a Child, finding the sacred Meeting Place where the Child exists and perceives the world. 
It will evolve with the group’s perceptual journey and relationship with a Child, Health and Wholeness.

These course will:

  • Review pregnancy and the perceptual journey, through the three trimesters.
  • Discuss the symptomatology of morning sickness and ‘Pregnancy brain/brain sag’ in post-partum patients and the fluid dynamics of Cisterna Magna and Thoracic Respiration
  • Continue to develop a Relationship with the Child-Health- Embryo to listen, evaluate and treat the newborn from a Biodynamic perspective.
  • Diagnose the Fluid Body modulating growth and development, as well as the quality of Fluid Drive and its capacity for unfolding, thus assessing the prognosis of treatment.
  • Explore developmental Hip conditions, such as hip dysplasia and treatment from a Biodynamic view.
CPD: Provides 20 hours of Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Fee: AU$1,000 (approximately €650, depending on the variable exchange rate)  

Venue: La Pieve di Pomaia
Istituto Lama Tzong Khapa, Pomaia, comune di S.Luce (Pisa), Italy

Course organised by Unityop 

info@unityop.org - tel.+39 3388407508

Monastery near Pisa


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